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Debug Elevating Leg Rest Beach Wheelchair


Seat to ground height                      17″ – 21″

Seat Depths                                    17 Inches

Frame Type                                    Stainless Steel

Total Weight                                   Up to 65 Lbs

Seat Width                                      18″

Weight Capacity                              Up to 400 lbs

Armrests                                         Yes

Upholstery Type                             Tenra 130 Thread

Manufacturer                                   Debug

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If you are searching for a long-lasting wheelchair designed to be on beaches you have found the right place. This model includes an elevating leg rest that provides the user with more comfort. This product is one of the only wheelchairs that can go on sand and that is made of the highest quality parts that are known to be resilient to beach weather. Other competitors have designed similar wheelchairs that are made for beaches but they do not compare to the long-lasting Debug wheelchair line. These chairs are made with #316L Stainless Steel which is the most durable steel that can be used for preventing oxidation from salt water. The mesh for the seat is also made with a high-quality material that is designed to withstand the ware of saltwater conditions. The seat is comprised of a deal-stitch sling with Tenera 130 thread mesh. This material is stretch-resistant, mildew/bacteria resistant, UV resistant, and even machine washable.


A Durable Wheelchair That Can Go On Sand

This beach wheel chair has big inflatable tires made of Polyurethane that are capable of going on sand, dirt, mulch, snow, Forrest trails, and more. This is a great option for individuals who want to regain mobility beyond what a standard wheelchair can provide. If you enjoy the beaches and going outdoors then you should consider the Debug wheelchair with elevating leg rests. There are many options available to customize the size and dimensions of the Debug wheelchair. You may also upgrade the chair with accessories like the quick release pin set which makes it very easy to disassemble the chair for transporting it. There are several accessories available that are all marine-grade such as the 2-piece cushion set, cup holder, umbrella holder, and fishing pole holder for those that enjoy fishing. This is the ultimate wheelchair that is made for going on the beach and you will not find other comparable models that are made with the high-quality materials found in the Debug chair.


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