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Sanexas Machine For Sale

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Sanexas Machine For Sale

For Sale SANEXAS NeoGen SL2. lowered price! Sanexas NeoGen SL2.

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Type:  TENS / Electrotherapy

Electric cell signaling treatment (EST) refers to the use of electronic signal energy waves produced by an ultra-high digital frequency generator (UHdfg). These therapeutic pulsed energy waves are comfortably and non-invasively delivered directly into the body’s desired anatomical region.

The neoGEN-Series® signal energy waves, along with associated harmonic resonance frequencies, are used to physiologically imitate, exhaust or block certain functions of the amacrine, somatic or sympathetic nerve fibers for comprehensive patient treatment success. Even newer research involving electric signal energy waves with expanded and sweeping frequency at a quarter-tone scale rate are referred to as electric cell intonation (ESI). The neoGEN-Series® system is a state-of-the art, technically-innovative medical device for producing electric cell signaling energy waves (EST and ESI). The system is used to successfully treat circulatory issues, all types of acute and chronic pain, long-term (intractable) pain and drug-resistant pain. The neoGEN-Series® also offers specific-parameter signaling for efficacious neuro-muscular reeducation, muscle strengthening and relaxation of muscle spasm activity.



Acute and chronic pain conditions

Adjunctive treatment of post-traumatic pain syndromes

Management and symptomatic relief of chronic (long-term) intractable pain

Adjunctive treatment in management of post-surgical pain problems

Neuro-muscular reeducation and training

Relaxation of muscle spasms

Prevention of retardation of disuse atrophy

Increasing blood circulation

Neuro-muscular reeducation

Maintaining or increasing range of motion

Immediate post-surgical stimulation of calf muscles to

prevent phlebothrombosis


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