Used Hydrotherapy Tubs For Sale


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Used Hydrotherapy Tubs For Sale


Used Hydrotherapy Tubs For Sale

For Sale Hydrotherapy Whirlpool / Bath

Condition:  Used – Good

Type:  Whirlpool / Bath

Model:  Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy Whirlpool Tubs


History – This item is owned by one of our long time distributors who has asked us to list it for them. The unit was taken out of a working office and was fully function at that time. We have seen the unit and it appears to be in very good condition. Unit is sold “as is”, but guaranteed not to be DOA unless marked as “parts only”.

Description – Features:

* Tank capacity is 10 gallons

* Extremity Unit.

* Mobile whirlpool is recommended for the treatment of the foot and ankle.

* Seamless welded construction, fabricated from heavy gauge, type 304 stainless steel, polished to a satin finish.

* Heavy duty swivel casters support all mobile models. Rear pair of casters are lockable for stabilizing whirlpool during treatment

* Turbine raising and lowering device permits adjustment of desired height and direction of water agitation towards the area of the body to be treated. It is spring balanced and provided with a locking device

* No heating unit..

Availability – Cleaned, packed and ready to go. Usually ship 1-5 working days after receipt of your payment.


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